Reuben Roll Ups
Everything in our Irish Reuben wrapped in a crispy shell.
Served with 1000 Island Dressing.

Potato Skins
Piping hot potatoes packed with melted cheese and crisp bacon.
Topped with onion and tomato.

Battered Mushrooms
Our fresh mushrooms are hand battered.
Served with horseradish sauce.

Onion Rings
A basket of golden brown battered rings.

Chicken Tenders
Served with your choice of ranch dressing or BBQ sauce.

Chicken Wings
Ten wings served with your choice of ranch dressing hot sauce,
bleu cheese or BBQ sauce.

Jamie's Wings
Ten wings deep fried, tossed in Jamie's secret sauce and served with bleu cheese
and celery.

Boneless Wings
Buffalo winds without the bones served with your choice of sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks
Four wonton wrapped mozzarella sticks. Served with homemade marinara.

Chili Cheese Nachos
Tortilla chips covered in house chili with melted cheddar and provolone cheese, onions, and tomato.
Jalapenos served on the side.

Homemade Irish Chips & Dip
Basket of thinly sliced potatoes seasoned and deep fried. Served with Jamie's special chip dip.

Chips & Salsa
Homemade salsa and fresh corn tortilla chips.

Broccoli Bites
Breaded brocoli with a chedder cheese filling.

Breaded Pickle Spears
Pickles with a dill breading served with ranch dressing.

OD Sampler
(2) Reuben Roll Ups, (2) Mozzarella Sticks. Half order Breaded Mushrooms, (6) Chicken Wings.


Grilled shrimp, cheddar jack cheese and onion.
Served with mango salsa.

Grilled Steak, cheddar jack cheese and onion and tomato.
Served with sour cream.

Grilled chicken, cheddar jack cheese and onion and tomato.
Served with sour cream.

Corned Beef and provolone cheese with our house slaw placed in tortilla shells.
Served with thousand island dressing.


House Salad
Iceberg lettuce with cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, red
onion, and choice of dressing.

Ceasar Salad
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, and a Ceasar Salad dressing on the side.

Irish Greens
Mixed Baby Greens topped with Gorgonzola cheese,
walnuts, and red onion. Tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Seasonal Salad
Mixed greens with pears, golden raisins, bleu cheese and walnuts.
Served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side.

All salads are available with with a grilled chicken breast, grilled 6 oz. beef tenderloin, or grilled shrimp for an additional charge.


The O’Donoghue Burger
Char broiled Black Angus burger on a Kaiser roll
With your choice of toppings.

Irish Reuben
Lean corned beef, cabbage slaw, provolone cheese, and 1,000 Island Dressing.
Layered on grilled rye bread…a County Clare favorite.

Pub Philly
Roast beef smothered with sautéed onions and
green peppers, covered with melted provolone cheese.
Served on a fresh hoagie roll.

Tenderloin Sandwich
A juicy 6 oz. Steak, char broiled.
Served on toast or a Kaiser roll.

Beef & Cheddar
Hot roast beef topped with cheddar cheese.
Served on a Kaiser roll.

Ham & Swiss
Stacked hot ham, topped with melted Swiss.
Served on a Kaiser roll.

Dublin Doubler
Grilled ham and pepperoni with melted Swiss and red onion.
Served on a hoagie with special house sauce.

Grilled Chicken Breast
Chicken breast fillet seasoned and grilled.
Topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served on fresh white toast.

Polish Sausage
Grilled polish sausage. Served on a hoagie.


Your choice of meat: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef or Corned Beef.
Then choose: Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss, Jack or American
Select any or all: Lettuce, tomato, mayo or mustard
Last but not least: Hoagie, Toast or Kaiser Roll

All sandwiches are served with French fries, cole slaw and a pickle spear.
Along with your choice of lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, onions, mayo and mustard.
Add $.50 for bacon or choice of cheese.


This half chicken is broasted golden brown.
Served with broasted potatoes, cole slaw and rye bread.

Buckets available for carry out only:

8 Piece Chicken with Potatoes
12 Piece Chicken with Potatoes
16 Piece Chicken with Potatoes
20 Piece Chicken with Potatoes

Chicken Dinners are not served on Friday.


Beer battered Icelandic Cod, deep fried.
Served with French fries, cole slaw, and marble rye bread.

Beer battered Lake Perch, deep fried.
Served with French fries, cole slaw, and marble rye bread.

Hand dipped and deep fried to perfection.


12 and under

Hot Dog, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Tenders.
Includes small drink and French fries.

All menu items are available for carry out, please add $.50 per order.

Note: All items and prices are subject to change.